Composite Quality Scores and Ratings™

ResizedImage225225-CQS-RoundedRelying on both public and proprietary measures of performance, CareChex compares the quality of hospital and physician care to national and state standards using a variety of clinical indicators to assign a proprietary Composite Quality Score and Rating¹. Unlike other rating systems, CareChex provides a multidimensional, integrated analysis of medical quality.

Specifically, CareChex incorporates five peer-reviewed methodologies which address key components of the quality of inpatient care. These methods encompass the following measures, many of which have been adopted by the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA) and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for public reporting:

  • Patient Safety Indicators
  • Inpatient Quality Indicators
  • Mortality Rates
  • Complication Rates
  • All-Site Readmission Rates

¹The Composite Quality Score™ (CQS™) and Composite Quality Rating™ (CQR™) methods are owned by Quantros, Inc. and are protected by U.S. Patents Pending.