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2016 In The News

CMS Star Ratings Fail to Reflect True Clinical Quality
By Frank Mazza, M.D. Hospital executives and other stakeholders should be aware that a new research study1 challenges the idea that CMS hospital star ratings based solely on patient experiences can serve as a reliable indicator for clinical quality. This study follows a wake of industry criticism regarding a recent research letter published in JAMA […] Read more

Study throws cold water on link between star ratings and clinical outcomes
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ star-ratings system has already been the target of considerable criticism, and a new study finds that the ratings’ emphasis on patient experience doesn’t produce reliable care quality data. Researchers from Quantros, a safety and quality software provider, sent an advance copy of the study to FierceHealthcare. The study […] Read more

Population Health News: Healthcare Quality, Safety Measurement: The Journey Is Slow, but Goals Make Effort Worthwhile
By Frank Mazza, M.D. The pursuit of defining and measuring both clinical quality and patient safety in healthcare is a laudable goal that features inextricably linked essential elements. Would anyone question perfecting the stopping power of Porsche brakes, the side impact protection of Volvo roll cages or the road handling of Michelin tires in terms […] Read more

Managed Healthcare Executive: Preventing human errors in healthcare,0
Human error is a determining factor in 70% to 80% of industrial accidents, as well as in a large percentage of errors and adverse events experienced in healthcare. In fact, it’s a commonly held belief in some healthcare settings that human error represents the root cause of many adverse events. Read more

PSQH Viewpoint: Let’s Fix One Real Problem with Patient Safety
Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Measurement has proven foundational to advancing individual and collective performance in every business endeavor, vocational pursuit, professional sport, and recreational hobby. People do not always appreciate being measured, and some fear the implication more than others. But every successful advancement over the past century has been [...] Read more

Healthcare Finance News: With ICD-10 rollout past, healthcare providers brace for quality coding deadline
While the changeover to ICD-10 has gotten most of the attention, there are even more coding challenges on the horizon as providers prepare for mandatory quality reporting measure set to begin in 2017. As with all of healthcare, coding is now moving toward quality. And what has to this point been optional, next year will […] Read more
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