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Commercial payers benefit from bundled pricing
An editorial by Shane Wolverton. As commercial payers seek strategies to lower costs and improve care quality, they are increasingly paying closer attention to bundled payments. While many payers express concerns about the impact of recent regulatory reversals that removed mandatory requirements for bundled payments, the benefits of bundled pricing still resonate strongly [...] Read more

Bundled Pricing: Cost Containment, Better Outcomes Attract Commercial Payers
( – While mandatory bundled payments have been scaled back by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), commercial insurers are starting to offer bundled reimbursement programs to their customers. Market analysts see government support of voluntary bundles for payment initiatives as a signal that this innovative strategy is here for the long-term. [...] Read more

Demonstrating High Quality Care Becomes Paramount in the Bundled Payment Models
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) cancellation of the mandatory payment bundles for cardiac care, surgical hip and femur fracture treatment in late 2017 is expected to be replaced in 2018 with a voluntary program, called the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced (BPCI). CMS also cancelled the cardiac rehabilitation incentive payment model […] Read more

Building an ERM Framework for Value-Focused Health Care
Healthcare organizations have long employed various approaches to risk management to prepare for risks that are unique to healthcare delivery settings, such as adverse events that pose harm to patients, visitors, and employees. However, with the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which mandates the tethering of clinical and financial operations together into value-based [...] Read more

HIT Think How bundled payments will challenge providers’ IT systems
With the increased adoption and implementation of various types of bundled payments and episodic reimbursement models among government, commercial and private payers, incentives are now in place to improve care coordination, quality, patient safety and cost efficiency. However, this shift will place new importance on information technology and providers’ ability to collect and [...] Read more

Choosing The Right Performance Management System For Measuring And Improving Clinical And Financial Performance
To optimize payments and reimbursement in emerging value-based care models, hospitals and health systems need to more proactively measure and improve clinical and financial performance across a myriad of quality and patient safety measures and programs. The inherent challenges to achieving these goals are daunting, expensive and increasingly burdensome to all stakeholders in [...] Read more

Value-based Purchasing and Reimbursement: The Business Case for Improving Quality and Patient Safety
In the increasingly competitive, transparent and value-based healthcare economy, hospitals and health systems in Western PA and throughout the nation are facing increasing financial pressure from healthcare purchasers and payers to improve patient care outcomes. At the center of value-based purchasing and reimbursement, performance against numerous measures of quality and [...] Read more

Quantros Highlights Evergreen Value of Measuring and Improving Healthcare Quality, Safety and Performance Regardless of ACA Repeal and Replacement

GREENVILLE, SC – July 19, 2017 – Amid the heated debates and uncertainty regarding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the fate of the Better Care Reconciliation Act, Quantros, Inc., emphasizes that regardless of the legislative outcome, payments and [...]Read more
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