Standard Statements & Quotes for Marketing Communications


Client Statements and Quotes:

(Insert “hospital” or “health system” name) has been recognized as (insert “ranking” or “top 10%”) in the (insert “nation”, “state”, “region”, “metro area” or “local market”) for (insert “medical excellence”, “patient safety”, or “patient satisfaction”) in (insert “clinical category”). Our (insert “award year”) quality (“award” or “awards”) (“is” or “are”) from CareChex® – an information service of Quantros, Inc. CareChex is an innovative medical quality rating system designed to assist hospitals and health systems in improving the quality of inpatient care and promoting medical excellence to consumers, payers, and employers.


We believe CareChex® provides the most statistically accurate rating of (“hospital” or “health system”) quality available in the industry. Other quality rating services only evaluate one aspect of patient care, such as mortality rates. CareChex® multi‐dimensional methodology evaluates five (5) types of inpatient medical care outcomes expressed as a single composite quality score.


“(Insert “hospital” or “health system” name), is committed to attaining high standards of quality care. Independent quality evaluations conducted by CareChex®, an information service of Quantros, Inc., demonstrate we are achieving our goal”, commented (insert “person’s name” and “title”) at (insert “hospital” or “health system” name). “Providing excellent care is only possible with our outstanding physicians, employees, and volunteers. We are extremely grateful for their ability to care for patients in such an exceptional manner.”


Quantros Quotes:

“CareChex® allows the public to make informed decisions regarding the quality of medical care provided by (“hospitals” or “health systems”),” said Trey Cook, Quantros CEO. “We are pleased to acknowledge (insert “hospital” or “health system” name) has achieved an exceptionally high level of performance for (insert “medical excellence”, “patient safety”, or “patient satisfaction”) in (insert “clinical category”). (Insert “hospital” or “health system” name)’s performance is a benchmark other (“hospitals” or “health systems”) should seek to emulate.”


Trey Cook, Quantros CEO stated, “(insert “hospital” or “health system” name) has demonstrated its ability to provide high quality care to the (“community” or “communities”) it serves. To receive an award in (insert “clinical category”) for (insert “medical excellence”, “patient safety”, or “patient satisfaction”) is an outstanding accomplishment for both the physicians and hospital staff. We congratulate them on their commitment to delivering high quality, patient‐centered care.”