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The Quantros Outcomes Analytics Suite provides hospitals and health systems with a comprehensive, integrated view of their clinical and financial performance across inpatient and outpatient care settings. Healthcare purchasers also rely on our solutions to accurately compare the total cost and utilization of medical services against peer groups, national norms and best practices in order to help identify superior value for their healthcare expenditures.

All of the solutions and modules available through Quantros’ Outcomes Analytics Suite can be purchased and implemented on a stand-alone or fully integrated basis:

Executive Dashboard


Executive Dashboard provides actionable and insightful data in a quick, straightforward, and easy to navigate tool. Compare risk adjusted clinical outcomes, as well as severity adjusted measures of utilization to expose opportunities for improvements and leverage areas of high performance to drive service line expansion. Take back the time you spend preparing data and reports and use it to optimize your approach to improve clinical and financial performance.

Risk Adjustment for Equal Comparison 
    • accounts for differences in patient demographic, acuity, and severity
    • compensate for clinical demographics

Quality Outcomes & Ratings System

Quality Utilization & Metrics

The Quality Outcomes & Ratings module is an innovative medical quality rating system designed to assist providers and purchasers in evaluating the quality of inpatient care. The module utilizes a peer reviewed quality scoring system which integrates the most reliable quality indicators available in the industry into a single, multi-dimensional, composite score and rating.
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Media CareKit™ is also available for providers interested in promoting medical excellence to consumers, payers, and employers. Want to know if your hospital won any awards? Request a custom report to find out!

Quality & Utilization Metrics is a comprehensive provider profiling system that provides easy access to information required to effectively measure, manage, and monitor healthcare delivery through an extensive but focused analysis of utilization and quality indicators. The module allows for comparison of provider resource utilization and clinical outcomes to a variety of norms and benchmarks to identify improvement opportunities and areas of competitive advantage.

America’s Top Quality Providers™

Quantros’ 2020 release of America’s Top Quality Providers recognizes the nation’s best performers on various measures of quality relating to process of care, outcomes, and patient satisfaction.