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Quantros, Inc. Executes Contract with WellOK, The Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health, Members Access CareChex® Data Ratings on Medical Care

MILPITAS, CA / GREENVILLE, SC – July 5, 2016 – Quantros, Inc., the healthcare industry’s leading provider of enterprise safety risk management, quality management and reporting solutions, announces that it has signed a contract with the WellOK, The Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health to provide coalition members with access to Care Chex®, an information service of  Quantros and regarded as the most comprehensive site for rating medical care.  CareChex® provides clinical, financial, and patient satisfaction findings to consumers, providers and purchasers of US medical care, offering a composite evaluation of all components of medical quality including process of care, outcomes of care, and patient experiences.

Stan Schwartz, MD, FACP, CEO of WellOK, Inc, explains, “Our coalition is totally devoted to quality, safety and value in healthcare, and we believe that transparency is paramount for our members to be good consumers of healthcare. We chose CareChex® because it offered us the ability to extract and present data meaningfully to our members.”

In Oklahoma, more than 50 percent of healthcare is purchased by self-funded employers, the type of businesses that founded the coalition. Employers purchasing healthcare individually tended not to recognize the influence they can exert to improve a community’s health care quality and safety.

“We plan to provide data to our members to help them make decisions on which providers to incorporate in their networks and also to help their covered members individually choose providers for specific health care needs, especially so-called high risk procedures,” continues Dr. Schwartz.

The coalition also participates in the Choosing Wisely project, yet another initiative to help people become informed, discriminating health care consumers, and regarded as complementary to this effort.

According to Shane Wolverton, senior vice president corporate development, Quantros, “We are extremely flattered that CareChex® was designated by WellOK and will be offered to their members as the benchmark for assessing medical care. This is further validation of CareChex® and serves to differentiate this data from other publicly available quality ratings.”

With increased competition among hospitals and the growth of employer value-based purchasing, CareChex® answers the critical need for a broad range of quality indicators and objective – not subjective or reputation-based data – regarding quality of care.

“Employers are seeking more value for their health care dollars, and are pursuing opportunities to reduce the upward cost spiral,” continues Wolverton.  “CareChex® is a first step in realizing these goals and advancing the quest for improved employee health.”

About Quantros

Quantros is a leading provider of software and services to advance healthcare quality and safety performance. Our Software-as a-Service (SaaS)-based applications help thousands of hospitals, retail pharmacies and some of the nation’s largest health systems to capture actionable intelligence they can use to improve outcomes, reduce risks and to reinforce their commitments to delivering safer, higher-quality value-based care. For more information visit

About WellOK

WellOK is a member of the National Business Coalition on Health aiming to understand and improve the value of the healthcare their employees and families receive through an business coalition focusing on the quality and cost-effectiveness of care in order to achieve better care for each of their employees and families and better health for all in our community, all at the best possible cost, make our community more attractive to growth by offering high-value healthcare and make quality and price fully transparent so each of us may be the wisest purchaser of healthcare.

About Quantros

Quantros helps organizations make this shift from reactive to proactive by implementing a comprehensive safety solutions suite that integrates all key pieces of patient and event information. These solutions minimize time around manual entry and allow for more complete tracking and root cause identification. Our safety surveillance solution monitors billing data and identifies missed events and flags them for staff to be reviewed to ensure they are included in reporting and analysis. Over the last 20+ years Quantros has set out to help healthcare leaders solve their most challenging care variation and risk issues – leading to improved outcomes and reduced costs.

Thousands of healthcare organizations trust Quantros to provide insights, expertise, and precise data to help them deliver safer, higher quality patient care. Learn how Quantros can help you deliver a best-in-class patient safety experience. Contact us by emailing or schedule a demo today!

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CareChex by Quantros Awards are based on our patent-pending quality scoring system, that compares inpatient quality performance across general, acute and non-federal U.S. hospitals.

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