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Quantros Safety Suite includes:

  • Safety Event Manager – Report, track, and investigate safety events and near misses.
  • Feedback Manager – Collect and respond to compliments and grievance
  • Claims Manager – Manage potentially compensable events, realized claims and pending lawsuits
  • Disruptive Event Manager – Document and assess disruptive behavior of employees
  • PSO Manager – Securely aggregate, segregate and report data to a designated Patient Safety Organization

What Our Clients Say Sets Us Apart:

  • Industry leading taxonomy to allow for consistent classification of safety events yielding effective benchmarks and trending analysis
  • Safety surveillance of claims data to identify safety events or near misses that were not reported by the organization
  • Largest industry database of safety events with over 7M events reported
  • Flexible, SaaS based architecture minimizes work and maintenance for our partner organizations
  • Scalable customization and ongoing consultative support
Download this easy to use checklist to identify and evaluate patient safety challenges and measure best practices at your organization.