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The Quantros® Patient Safety Organization Manager (PSOM) provides a secure, regulatory-compliant solution for aggregating, segregating and reporting data to a designated Patient Safety Organization.


Key Features and Benefits:

Improves the defensibility of your PSO protection by demonstrating your intent to submit data to a PSO – a critical trigger for protecting designated patient safety work product in connection with federal regulations.
Automate the criteria for daily transfer of safety event data you want reported to your PSO based on facility, severity, and event category. PSO Manager features a rules engine for assembling only those defined data elements required by AHRQ from safety events originally captured in Quantros Safety Event Manager.
Supports AHRQ-compliant Common Format 2.0 reporting, to enable your PSO to easily intake your data for analysis of common causes, comparison, and benchmarking. Automate the export of this data in XML format or allow your PSO to login to PSO Manager directly for event management.
Batch manage safety events within PSO Manager in order to remove, mark as ineligible for submission, or manually or automatically submit to your PSO.
Event chronology feature lets you quickly review the status of any event during the safety event reporting lifecycle to help stop-gap and avoid any impermissible disclosures through a PSO.



PSOM Inbox

PSOM Data Transfer Screen

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