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Quantros® Safety Event Manager Mobile –
Reporting safety events has never been easier


Engaging physicians, nurses, and staff in a patient safety program can lead to improved quality and better patient care.  In particular, physicians can be difficult to engage in the reporting of adverse events due to competing priorities and time constraints. Without physician participation, organizations are losing critical information about safety events occurring at their hospitals.

Busy physicians need a way to report safety events while they’re on-the-go and caring for patients. Quantros’ SEM Mobile allows physicians to submit events from the tool that’s always with them – their phone.

Our SEM Mobile is:

  • Secure to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other compliance standards
  • Integrated with EHR/HIS data to auto-populate patient demographic information
  • Easy to use and includes a configurable list of questions that allows each client to choose the information needed from a physician in order to submit an event





Quantros offers tablet compatible event entry for Safety Event Manager, Feedback Manager, and Disruptive Event Manager across an array of Apple / Android tablet devices.

Quantros supports event entry on the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air2 using Safari for iOS 9.3.x or Chrome for iOS 9.3.x and Android devices using Chrome for Android 52.0.x