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Intuitive, Streamlined Event Reporting with Smart Classification®

Quantros® Safety Event Manager provides frontline staff with a streamlined, guided, and easy to use workflow for event detail entry and classification. The event classification process is optimized by way of Quantros’ Smart Classification® technology, which allows users to enter a simple narrative description of the event and submit it to the system for automatic classification of the event based on comparison to a database of more than 6 million events. Smart Classification® truly streamlines the event entry process, significantly reducing event entry time and eliminating some of the usability barriers to event entry but it also allow organizations to have a consistent and standardized way of capturing events and ultimately provide actionable and meaningful data across your organization.

Workflow and Accountability Features

Once an event is submitted into Safety Event Manager, a notification is sent to designated staff members. Notifications are based on parameters including incident type, location, severity, etc. Incidents in the reviewers Inbox can be sorted based on severity of the incident and event type. The Open Event Summary report can also be used and sorted by severity and nature to facilitate review of incidents to help prioritize workflow of safety incidents. Managers can review, edit the event form, attach documents, notes and communicate internally via FYI mail securely and internally within the application.

Follow-up tasks, such as a general investigation or root cause analysis task, can be assigned. Multiple incidents can be manually assigned to one or more staff members for review within the workflow section of the application. Once the investigations have been completed, the manager will receive a real-time e-mail notification of the completion of the investigation form for review and closure.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

A wide variety of standard reports available for quantitative and qualitative analysis of reported events and near misses, categorized by patient, type or severity. Managers can compare performance across departments and other facilities. Optional data export capabilities enable customers to also review and manage data outside of the Quantros system in Excel or PDF formats.

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