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Voluntary adverse event reporting systems, like Safety Event Manager (SEM), are great tools to capture and manage adverse events to drive improvement. However, even with the best systems in place, healthcare organizations capture only 14% of suspected actual events, according to the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services (“Hospital Incident Reporting Systems Do Not Capture Most Patient Harm” Jan 2012). With reimbursement incentives increasingly tied to quality and safety performance, understanding the true extent of adverse events is becoming more and more critical for healthcare organizations.

Quantros® Safety Surveillance takes organizations to the next level of safety reporting. Safety Surveillance can help you capture more of what is not being reported through near-time surveillance of billing data coupled with the ability to move identified safety and quality events into SEM at the push of a button. This enables the easy identification of critical safety and quality indicators that are often not captured through voluntary reporting.

Via Safety Surveillance, the following detected conditions will be automatically added to the Safety Event Manager workflow management inbox for more effective notification, management, reporting, analytics – and ultimately – improvement:

  • 14 CMS-monitored Hospital Acquired Conditions
  • 18 AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators
  • 25 AHRQ Inpatient Quality Indicators

Such events will be accessible in an easy- to-understand format with detected conditions mapped to the Quantros’ Safety Event Manager Taxonomy to allow for standardized categorization and reporting.

  • Events can be sorted by safety category, harm/severity level and event status
  • Users can analyze safety categories by event reporting capture rate

The Safety Surveillance event reporting capture rate summary report displays the total number of actual events that have occurred, compared against those that were actually reported in the SEM system. This provides a snapshot view of what type of safety events are not being reported in your system today so that initiatives/training can be put in place to encourage staff event reporting.



Only Quantros can help you identify what events are not voluntarily reported to your safety event management system, and then allow you to add those events with a single click to the SEM management workflow for investigation and root cause analysis. By using SEM in conjunction with Safety Surveillance, your organization can gain a more complete and accurate understanding of patient safety in your organization in order to positively impact your quality of care and prevent similar events from occurring in the future.